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OFF-KILTER with Rebecca Vallas

Mar 29, 2018

Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced that the 2020 Census would include a question about U.S. citizenship. The news generated immediate and widespread blowback, including the filing of lawsuits by at least 2 states’ attorneys general who argue the change violates the law. Rebecca sits down with Corrine Yu, managing policy director at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, to unpack what’s at stake.

Next, when the TV sitcom Roseanne premiered in 1988, it was heralded for its honest portrayal of a working-class family struggling to make ends meet in the Midwest. The show returned to the airwaves this week, drawing tens of millions of viewers – and generating not insignificant controversy due to the eponymous character’s proud support of Donald Trump. Rebecca talks with Mara Pellittierri, managing editor of, about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the controversial reboot.

But first, Jeremy Slevin returns with the news of the week, including Tennessee Republicans’ plans to use funds intended for poor families to bankroll the disenrollment of thousands of the state’s struggling workers from Medicaid. We also break down Utah’s bittersweet Medicaid expansion, and more in another edition of In Case You Missed It.