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OFF-KILTER with Rebecca Vallas

Oct 27, 2017

Today, one in three Americans has some type of criminal record, many convicted of only minor offenses – and some have only arrests that never even led to conviction. But having even a minor record can create lifelong barriers to employment, housing, education, and more, making even a minor record a life sentence to poverty. This week, leaders from communities across the US descended upon Washington for a convening dedicated to unlocking opportunity for people with records. This week Off-Kilter shares highlights from that convening, including conversations with Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, whose Second Chance Society provides a national model; JustLeadershipUSA founder Glenn Martin on the role of language in this work and particularly the importance of using language that humanizes people who are too often demonized; and Delaware Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, a rising star in the House of Representatives who just announced she’ll be bringing "clean slate" legislation from the Pennsylvania legislature to the halls of Congress.